The Chinese government has used iPhone hacking against Uighur Muslims

The Chinese government has used iPhone hacking against Uighur Muslims

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According to recent reports, malicious websites used to hack iPhones over the past two years have in fact targeted Uighur Muslims in China.

Informed sources reported that the websites were part of a government-backed attack targeting Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. The Chinese government is likely to be behind the attacks.

The attacks are part of the Chinese government’s efforts to crack down on the Uyghur Muslim minority in recent years. Last year, Beijing sent more than one million Uighur Muslims to public camps.

Uighur Muslims

Google researchers recently identified and stopped these malicious websites, although it was not immediately clear what group their attacks targeted. The launch of these websites is part of a campaign that uses hacking into religious groups to target religious groups and executes malicious code on their phones by directing users to tele-websites.

Using this method, hackers could access the user’s messages and passwords and be able to track their location.

After Google took action to close the gaps, Apple fixed the breach in February of this year in iOS 12.1.4, but the public news of this sabotage campaign was spread in the media during the last week. According to Google, these websites have had thousands of weekly visitors in the last two years.

It is not yet clear whether these websites were also used to attack Android users.

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